Bernadette Kirstein (Bernaki) was born in Tegemsee, Bavaria in 1977 and has worked as a painter since 1997. Bernaki is originally German and grew up in Italy, Germany and Brazil, she now lives and works in both Munich and Castiglione Della Pescaia, a fishing village on the coast of Tuscany. And Her life alternates between periods of creative production and times of travelling. Bernaki dedicated herself fully to her art when she left school and was then exposed to the wide horizon of options facing especially today's younger generations. Feeling that no place would allow her to 'fit in", she was powerfully compelled to find an exit for her visions and to create a time and place of her own through her paintings. Bernakiā€˜s work allows us to dip into her desire for utopian beauty and spiritual travels; a word so unreal and fickle, yet rooted in often tropical and African symbolism as the source of human civilization. A sub-dued cry for love and paradise as a counter -reaction to a planet that builds progressively more on efficiency and functionality. On her journey Bernadette was able to draw on inspiration from supportive and creatively active family members, friends and tutors, while always remaining true to her own 'voice'. Bernaki has painted over 150 paintings, many of which which were exhibited in sofar Germany, Italy and Austria and were sold to private collectors.

My work

"Art is the ideal way to sense the beauty of life and the universe. Spirituality takes a central place in my paintings, and evokes a meaningful life and love "